InovX Alpha series

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Danh mục: Alpha Serial

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For Positive Material Identification (PMI), verification and quality assurance – without radioactivity – Innov-X offers the smallest, fastest and most versatile handheld XRF analyzer available anywhere.
The Innov-X tube-based Alpha Series™ is isotope-free and delivers instant, accurate readings. It features a miniature X-ray tube and high-resolution detector. It is engineered around the HP iPAQ pocket PC.
XRF is a standard lab technique for metals analysis.
Now it is available in the field.

Innov-X Alpha Series™ advantages include:
• Measure Cr in carbon steel to 0.03% -- for evaluating flow accelerated corrosion (FAC).
• Designed for tests to 800° F.
• Analyze low alloy, stainless, nickel, titanium, cobalt, copper-based alloys and more.
• Confidently separate challenging alloys such as 304 & 321, P91 & 9 Cr, Ti Grade 7 & CP Ti.
• Exceptional performance on 6061/6063 aluminum alloy separations.

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