Radiation Alarm Monitor

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CATCH-1 is a warning device br personal, working in areas where radiation hazards may be in existence. When exposed to radiation from gamma and hard beta sources, such as x-ray units and isotope equipment.
Instant warning is given by an audible alarm and LEE) signal its small dimensions, 49 x 72mm, and its extremely’ low weight, 55g. including battery, make the unit Iii easily into 1xkct or on a shirt, lab coat, belt or firmly in position.
It provides both loud bleeps and visual indication ol the presence of radiation.
The CATCH- 1, pocket radiation monitor provides a simple and effective way of warning operators of x-ray and isotope equipment, industrial and medical. ii excessive radiation is present. Consequently. the monitor is an inspection companies, workshops and laboratories using x-ray or radio isotope techniques.


Convenience: It is small size and extremely light.
Signal : It gives the audible bleep more than 75Db and a red LE[) signal at the same lime
Reliance : This is the most advanced type, arid the firni case is impact resistant. The hoki
clip may be firstened well.
Battery : With normal use approx 5OOOi time with AAA type I .5(Alkali battery)


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