RSM series / Digital survey metter RSM series

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The RSM Series is newly developed system tr user’s comfortableness and easy handling with required accuray.

RSM Series supply in 3type ol energy’ compensated GM-Tube, for low radiation measurement RSM-IOOE, for high radiation measurement RSM—200F., and wide range measurement (from the background level to max. ISv/h) RSM—300E.
Display of the units designed for wide(6() x5Orn) and clear riev.

20 segments analog bar-graph displayed with digital result simultaneously. It provide full information such as surveying results, units, tolerance of the statistics status of overflow from reference level, status of battery, message of sufficient measuring time. with characteristic symbol and digits.
Switch buttons are located br one hand operation Shock resistant ABC plastic case and stainless battery cocer will provide durable work conditions in held.

Main Funtion

- Korean / English Version
- 4 Digital LCD
- 2OSEGMENT Bar-graph Selection switch of the unit(Sv,h, k/h)
- Calibration tactor(by calibration mode) Back Light
- Freeze the result for notice
- Measurement result
- Battery status Har-graph
- Statistic tolerance displayed relative value (%)

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