Warning Lamp

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Dosimeter Chager

Dosimeter Chager
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Lead Glass
Nhà cung cấp: Kyung Do


This is a device to warn against radioactive rays within the area by setting the boundary of the radioactive area or restrictive area 11w the radioactive penetration inspection or to alert the other outside person to evacuate from the area.
This is an alarm device simply installed at the place without power supply or at the radioactive area, specially suitable when using radioactive isotope.
LA—2 alarm lamp is only thr battery, small sized and is manufactured of light and firm ABS plastics and is used lir 8 hours with once charging (1 2 hours).

- Lengthening battery uk i,rith flickering alarm lamp
- Product with good penetration power capable of idcntif’ing alarm even at distance of 2km in night
- Usable by separating alarm lamp and alarm sound
- Adopting protective circuit against low volt
- Low battery indication
- Adopting protective circuit against battery over-charging
- Easy to adhere to triangle Support



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