Film Viewer DF-3

Nhà cung cấp: Kyung Do

Danh mục: RT Accessories

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Film View DF—3 can more easily view a film since it is possible to adjust illumination level with a fluorescent lamp. It can also reduce tàtigue of the eyes for viewing since there is no flickering of a lamp, and it has high brightness and is based on the method to switch in a higher frequency using electronic stabilizer.
It is advantageous for point viewing when using a halogen lamp.


— Viewable up to turn size of 7 x 1 7 with 4 fluorescent lamps
— Less fatigue in the long-time viewing work a a sitting posture in the slope of observation surfiice of 45
— Non—interruptedly and continuously adjustable illumination level of both fluorescent lamps and halogen lamp depending on density of him
— Possible to view minute delëc( using halogen Lamps and the iris
— Maximize work efficiency with a tbot switch attached
— Viewable for a long tiflie with adherence of inner rudiation tan
— Viewable various film sizes
(3 I/3X 12”,4 112X l2”4 l/2X 17”.7X 17”)


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